Testimonial by Karen Tan

Normalise body temperature, Restore intestinal health, Improve sleep quality

In the past two to three months, I have been ill for no reason, leading to a drop in my body temperature. Upon trying Pomegranate Fruit Multigrain, I have returned to the hospital in Penang for my follow up session and I was told that my condition had improved, most notably was my body temperature. My body temperature is now between 35°C to 36.3°C, not as low as 29°C or 31°C, or even sometimes completely impossible to detect.

I had gone for surgery to remove my colon hence my right rectum was completely removed. I’ve tried other similar products before I’ve been exposed to Pomegranate Fruit Multigrain. I basically have to go to the toilet with an average of 6-14 times a day. Ever since I consumed Pomegranate Fruit Multigrain, I’ve felt that this product helps to restore the regularity of the gut environment. My intestines didn’t move as much as they used to, and the number of times I go to the toilet every day has been greatly reduced to 4 a day. I felt such an amazing effect after my first trial that I was overjoyed.

I also have insomnia problem, it is difficult to sleep at night. It actually put me to sleep after my first trial. At that time, I felt sleepy despite I took a pack in the morning. It could be due to my long-term insomnia. I believe this product had strengthened my immune system. After a period of time, I have good sleep at night, wake up in the morning with full of energy and no longer exhausted.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this product promotes a sense of satiety. My husband drinks at 6 a.m. and goes to work, and the feeling of fullness persists until more than 10 a.m. He is more energetic and no longer prone to hunger now.

These are the real testimonies of Karen and her husband, who both praised the product and unanimously recommended it.

A sharing from Lee Weng Kit’s mother

Enhance appetite, supplement nutrition
My son is 8 years old this year, and his small size has always been a concern for me. However, after letting Weng Kit tried the Pomegranate Fruit Mutigrain which is rich in probiotics and DHA, he found that his appetite has also improved. Weng Kit will also ask me to prepare more food for him as he wanted to eat more. In addition, Weng Kit has smooth bowel movements every day, which means that his gastrointestinal tracts are healthy and nutrients are easier to absorb. Theme Good Pomegranate Fruit Multigrain is definitely the first choice for children who grow up to supplement nutrition and to increase immunity.
Having enough sleep, your eyesight is getting better and better, and you can solve fecal impaction without eating fruits!

Sharing by Mr Wong

Our company acts as the distributor of Theme Good Pomegranate Fruit Multigrain because it has a combination of probiotics and DHA. Why is our company interested at this product?
My father tried it and found it easy to fall asleep at night. Adequate sleep made him feel much better. Because of its unique probiotics and DHA ingredients, it can help blood circulation and improve eyesight. He now has a drink every morning and evening, and his bowel movements are very smooth, and he is not so tired easily.
I introduced it to the customers in my store. They experienced the same effect after drinking. Many customers will return to buy.
Meng Kee Chan Trading

Perniagaan dan Kedai Ubat Win Hong Female Proprietor

Reduced colds, better appetite, no longer constipation
“A customer told me that before drinking Pomegranate Fruit Multigrain, she had to take his 5-year-old son to the doctor almost every week. Her son had low immunity and often had colds. Fortunately, a friend introduced Pomegranate Fruit Multigrain to help him to improve his immunity. The problem of her son’s frequent illnesses has gradually improved, and the number of illnesses has decreased.” This is because Theme Good Pomegranate Fruit Multigrain contains probiotics and prebiotics, which can boost immunity.
“Her son is a picky eater; he doesn’t like to eat fruits and vegetables, so sometimes he has no bowel movement for several days. She mixed a cup of red pomegranate for her son in the morning and evening. He no longer has constipation. He has smooth bowel movements every day and his appetite improves. Hence she thinks this product is very good, she will continue to let her son drink it and introduce it to her friends.”

Madam Lee

Improve sleep quality, reduce nocturia, improve diarrhea
I have been waking up to go to the washroom at night, and it is difficult to fall asleep afterwards, my sleep quality has become worse and worse, and I am not feeling well.
My daughter bought two cans of Pomegranate Fruit Multigrain for me. After drinking for a few days, she found that her insomnia improved. Sometimes she slept until dawn, and nocturia was also significantly reduced. My spirit and complexion are much better than before.
I have always had diarrhea, and every time I had a bowel movement, it was watery. After drinking Pomegranate Fruit Multigrain, my stool is now strip-shaped, and my bowel movements are smooth. I drink a cup of pomegranate cereal every morning and evening to maintain my gastrointestinal health.