(Melancong Keluarga) ThemeGood MULTI-BIJIRIN BUAH DELIMA


10 Sachet x 25g (250g)

Theme Good Buah Delima Multigrain dengan Pek Keluarga Soet Beetroot & Organic Soy 800g Keluarga bijirin seimbang buah delima merah 800g * Satu-satunya minuman multigrain semula jadi yang memberi anda nutrisi lengkap dan DHA * *


唯一提供您全面营养及DHA* As society continues to advance, our eating habits are evolving at a fast pace. For the sake of convenience, we tend to eat fast food, frozen food or opt for food delivery. However, these fast meals often contain a large amount of artificial additives, such as fat, sugar, and artificial seasonings.

In addition, the lack of sufficient coarse grains, fresh fruit, and vegetables lead to the inadequate intake of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which can potentially lead to constipation, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Theme Good Pomegranate Fruit Multigrain contains 24 types of premium grain, red pomegranate, beetroot, organic soy(non-GMO), 22 vitamins and minerals! It is nutritionally balanced.

Theme Good multigrain drink with DHA to guard your health! Life’s DHA is currently the leading brand in high-quality DHA. Extracted from algae, Life’s DHA is free of pollutants and heavy metals, and full of nutrients and high in antioxidants. DHA is a compulsory component in brain growth and the development of retinal tissue, and is an essential nutrient for infants and young children. It’s a must-have for pregnant women and nursing mothers!

Pomegranate and beetroot provide a refreshing fruity taste and also contributes phytonutrients that can promptly supply nutrients and deficient trace elements required by the human body. It is also a great source of antioxidants. The Pomegranate Fruit Multigrain also contains prebiotics as well as probiotics to maintain a healthy intestinal environment. It is a great nutritional beverage for vegetarians, children (1year and above), adults, pregnant & postpartum women, and the elderly.

天榖红石榴均衡营养谷粮 采用24种精选优质的天然谷粮、红石榴、甜菜根、有机大豆(非转基因)、22种维生素以及矿物质,依据最佳的比例配制了一款能提供您全面均衡营养的谷粮饮。 天榖均衡营养谷粮富含DHA,全面守护您的健康!

Life’s DHA提取自藻类,是目前最优质的DHA来源,安全无污染、不含重金属、纯天然、高抗氧化、营养价值更高。 DHA是大脑成长发育、视网膜组织的构成元素,更是婴幼儿不可或缺的营养、孕妇及哺乳妈妈的必需品!石榴和甜菜根含有丰富的植物营养素,能及时补充人体所需的营养成分和缺失的微量元素。除此之外,红石榴以及甜菜根可口的蔬果味,为含有丰富蛋白质、维生素以及矿物质的谷粮饮料增添了清爽的滋味。


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